So, first of all, Happy New Year to all of you. Yes, this is the new year 2018 and there is always a new day when you wake up and Bankers Adda (Adda247) always try to come up with something on a new day and New Year. So, here we come with the Launch of JAIIB or DB&F education for all of you (Bankers and Banking aspirants)
For every banking aspirant, it’s a dream to work for the prestigious banks of our country, because banking industry is a major service provider industry in India for the customers socially, publically, personally, professionally and in every direction to fulfil their needs.

And yes for every Banker or person working in any other financial institution, he/she is always looking for growth or promotion by gaining more knowledge or by doing any certified course.
So, here we come up with the launch of JAIIB (Junior Associate of IIB&F) for Members (Already working in any banking or financial institution) or DB&F (Diploma in Banking & Finance) for Non-Members who are presently not working in any Banking Institution but are very much looking and going to work in near future.
Who conducts such certified courses!!
It’s IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). Most of you must be aware of IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) and related courses but we are here to brief all of you about the same.




Established in 1928 as a Company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1913, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), formerly known as The Indian Institute of Bankers (IIB), is a professional body of banks, financial institutions and their employees in India. With its membership of over 677 banks and financial institutions as institutional members and about 4,50,000 of their employees as individual members, IIBF is the largest Institute of its kind in the world and is working with a Mission “to develop professionally qualified and competent bankers and finance professionals primarily through a process of education, training, examination, consultancy/counseling and continuing professional development programmes”.
To start up with your career in Banking and finance, the very first certified course is named as JAIIB or DB&F. We will tell you what is all about and what it includes –
JAIIB or DB&F aims at providing required level of basic knowledge in banking and financial services, banking technology, customer relations, basic accountancy and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operations.
JAIIB is a certified course for Members only – It means that person who is working in any Banking or financial institution will be able to register themselves at IIBF site as member and can give the exam.
DB&F course is for Non-Members – It means that person who is not working in any banking or financial institution that is going to work in Bank or any such institution in near future can register themselves as a Non-member at IIBF and can give the exam. And Yes this course will be converted into JAIIB certificate once you start working in any banking or financial institution by registering yourself as a Member at IIBF site.
How and when these Exams are being conducted in a year?
These both exams JAIIB and DB&F are being conducted twice in a year (In May and November) on three consecutive Sundays of the month.
These both include three subjects namely as follows –
1. Principles & Practices of Banking (1st exam on Sunday)
2. Accounting & Finance for Bankers (2nd exam on very next Sunday)
3. Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking (3rd exam on the third Consecutive Sunday)
On passing these three exams, you will be able to be a Certified Junior Associate of IIB&F (JAIIB) or you will be able to complete the DB&F course.
On the very next upcoming Articles, we will be discussing Exam Pattern of JAIIB and DB&F, Schedule of these exams and Syllabus in detail, about the subjects and how to plan for it, study for it and finally we together will start the preparation for these.
We want our readers to be on the top of every profession especially our Banking aspirants and bankers who think that there is no way to stop where you are and there is never a stop to your growth. And believe us You can’t miss these courses. It is not mandatory but yes it is very very important for your knowledge and growth in any banking or financial institution.


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